Amos Nyake, a 44 year old Zimbabwean pastor has found a way of distancing himself from the desires of the flesh by sharing his bedroom with his junior pastors.

The prophet who claimed to have last tasted the honey pot in 2016 following the death of his wife says he resorted to sleep in his bedroom to overcome temptations of the flesh and to ‘stay focused’ on his vision.

Zinyake admitted however that he has faced temptations a couple of times revealing that his biggest achievement yet is overcoming them all.

“Yes of course, I have come across temptations, but temptations were made to be overcome and as men we should face them. My house is a hub of activity as several people visit for prayers and help and most of the times I’m with my junior pastors and so I make sure one of them sleeps with me in the bedroom so that nothing happens.” said Zinyake.

He was quick however to emphasize that he doesn’t share the same bed with the Junior Pastors.

”We do not share the same bed. These are the measures I have put in place so I don’t divert from my path until I find a wife and that person will not be from the church since I regard them as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Zinyake  and his late wife had four daughters and he says raising their girl children has made him appreciate and value women more.

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