A puppy named Narwhal with a tail in the middle of its head has become a social media sensation after photos of the 10-week-old pup were posted by a Missouri animal rescue centre.

In a Facebook post last week, Mac’s Mission wrote: “NEW RESCUE! This puppy was just found along with another older dog. This puppy has a TAIL COMING OUT OF HIS FOREHEAD and a foot injury of some sort.”

The post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes, with many wondering if the extra tail wags.

The centre responded to the queries in a follow-up post stating, “The extra tail is not connected to anything and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER!”

The 10-week-old furball, dubbed the “unicorn puppy,” won’t have its extra tail removed as it hasn’t caused any pain, the centre said.

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