Authorities for Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) and Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) have said Malawians will still be experiencing power outages until 2022.

The revelation has been made after Parliamentary committee on natural resources summoned EGENCO and ESCOM officials as well as official from Water development ministries to give an explanation on the current power outages.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for EGENCO William Liabunya said for the meantime, Malawi is using 90 percent of hydro power and only 10 percent of diesel generated power.

According to Liabunya, the power which is being generated now cannot meet the demand as the water levels are still low.

Engineer for the department of water development, Tony Nyasulu has however crashed with Liabunya saying that water levels in the Shire River have slightly increased compared to last years.

Commenting on the matter ESCOM CEO Dr. Alexious Chiwaya said despite that water levels are high, Malawians will have to wait for the interconnection project as that is the only way to address power outage problems.

Commenting on the issues that were raised during the meeting, Welani Chilenga Chairperson for parliamentary committee on natural resources, described ESCOM and EGENCO’s efforts as fruitless saying the two have failed Malawians.

Blackouts range from 5 to 6 hours daily across the nation despite sustained efforts to have alternative power generation sources.

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