Weddings are always talked about as the most important day in one’s life, and they’re also known for being notoriously difficult to plan.

There are just so many things to be taken into consideration. The location, the venue, the theme of the wedding, how many people to invite, seating arrangements (so that people get along), the music (do you get a band or a string quartet), the catering (do you get restaurant catering and waiters or funky food trucks), decorations, floral arrangements, photographers and videographers – all these things take immense amounts of planning. And don’t even get me started on the dress.

Finding “the one” can be more difficult than finding the man you want to marry. But certain things you just can’t plan, there are always surprises on the way and some of them are really amazing.

A Wedding Photoshoot To Remember Gets Interrupted By A Deer | Her Beauty

We bet Megan and Luke had no idea that the florist they hired to make the wedding bouquet will accidentally create the yummiest treat for one special little deer. But as life’s always like that – it just throws surprises at you.

However, you’ve got to agree, as far as unpredictable circumstances go – this one was pretty cool.

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