A Nigerian woman living in the UK is devastated after discovering her husband impregnated their tenant, who was hired to assist with childcare due to high daycare costs.

She had taken on additional jobs to support her husband’s tuition fees and decided to rent a room to the tenant to help with childcare.

The betrayal has left her heartbroken as she had been working tirelessly to cover expenses for their household.

The revelation has shattered the trust in their marriage and left her questioning their future together.

“A lady who I am close to moved to the UK sometime last year to join her husband who has been studying. She came with her daughter. She was lucky enough to get a job almost immediately and has been supporting her husband in tuition fees and paying of bills.

“One of their major challenges has been childcare for their daughter after school hours or during holidays. Something cheap and within their budget. Most times, it works out well for them when the husband isn’t at university or at work. Other times, they have to plan and replan and reach out to friends for childcare.

“This lady has fallen sick a lot of times as she is always on the move. I will always praise her because of her quick acclimatization. And her strength. “My brother, wetin man go do na? Na my family I dey do am for na.”

“Her husband has been very helpful as well. Taking the child to school and making meals to support. However, recently, she fell pregnant and there was a need to move to a bigger apartment. To support with the bills, they decided to lease out a room to a female.

“The first time she told me this, I asked why she was insisting on a female flatmate. And she responded, “na make I see person wey go dey help me take care of my daughter na. Even if I go dey find am small something. I no mind. You know say I no fit trust any man wey no be family around my pikin na. The world no good.” So it made sense. Killing a bird with two stones.

“Just recently, her call woke me up. And you cannot believe that her flatmate has fallen pregnant. I’ll leave the guess to you to find out who the pregnancy belongs to. But know that while this pregnant woman worked nights to make ends meet, the man she calls husband was working hard as well at night to make ends not to meet. Men! Una sabi stain person white. Kai!”

UK-based Nigerian woman shattered as husband impregnates tenant meant to babysit daughter

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