Celebrated Zimbabwean Journalist, Haru Mutasa who works for Al Jazeera has social media in a frenzy after she posted a cryptic melancholic message on micro-blogging social network, Twitter, saying, ” She feels she will die young”

“I think I am going to die young …. there I said it. Don’t be shocked when it happens . Don’t know why, just a feeling.” Tweets Mutasa.

Sometime back in mid-October, the decorated journalist who has worked for other influential organisations such as SABC and CNN, announced that she was going to quit Twitter as she found it to be abusive.

“Off twitter hopefully for a while … tired of meeting pple who can’t be open minded, respect different opinions without insulting you. At the end of the day your personal life and family is what matters. Happy to leave. It was time”

However, her sentiments have not been welcomed by the Zimbabwe society.

“Problem is we don’t accept depression as a society…hanzi aiwa get it together unechii chekuti you are depressed but that hurts us more cos we also been told not to talk about our problems….vicious circle….hope she will be okay.” writes one sympathizer

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