By Robert Kumwenda and Orchestra Kamanga

Paramount Chief Kawinga has asked Muslims and Christians in this country to live peacefully amongst each other.

He was speaking during the cerebration of this year’s Ziyara Parade which took place at Mpingwe Sports ground in Blantyre.

Kawinga remarks follow the incident which took place at Manga Primary School in Balaka where Muslims girls were not allowed to put on Hijab. This resulted in fighting between Muslims and Christians in the area and some parts of Mangochi were some people were injured and property being vandalized.

“Despite the fact that we differ in religion and beliefs but we are one people and there is no need for us to fight against each other,” he said.

He said Islam is a religion of peace saying that it was sad to note that other people are taking Muslims as bad and violent people.

Kawinga also urged those that are helping the Muslims community in building mosques to also consider building schools as one way of the solving the misunderstandings between Muslims and people of other faiths.

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