The girl wearing a pink clip and a stylish scarf looks absolutely normal.However her legs apear to be way too skinny

Optical illusions and puzzles are a rage on social media. From teenagers to adults, everyone loves solving puzzles that are challenging.

However, optical illusions have an upper hand when it comes to shareability. Be it a blue shoe that appears to be pink to many, Kendel Jenner’s missing leg, non-red strawberries or a kid playing underwater, they all have gone viral at some point in time. However, there are some optical illusions on the internet that make us feel a little uncomfortable.

One such illusion had surfaced on social media in the month of May. It was a simple picture of a model wearing a pair of white ballerina shoes.

But it left thousands of netizens baffled.  At first glance, the image looks edited as the model’s legs appear to be too skinny. However, it looks like an optical illusion because the woman’s dress matched the colour of the background against which the picture was taken.

The latest optical illusion to confuse netizens features a little girl with a pack of popcorn in her hands.

The girl wearing a pink clip and a stylish scarf looks absolutely normal. However, her legs appear to be way too skinny. That’s the point you realise she is holding a big pack of popcorn which blends almost perfectly with the grass beneath the girl’s feet and the background.

The picture was shared on Facebook by a user called Christopher Ferry with the caption, “Young girl posing with a bag of popcorn. This picture messed me up…lol”

Check it out:



As expected, many users were confused by the image of the little girl. Some even went on to ask why were her legs so thin.

One user wrote, “Oh my goodness, I was thinking she is so thin…… and her boot came off…… took me a good two mins, lol

“I thought Lord this poor child is way too thin, zooming in multiple times. FINALLY, i noticed with her little hands. Y’all! I feel terrible!” wrote thin.

“It took me a minute! If it weren’t for the caption I don’t think I would’ve figured it out! LOL,” commented a third user.

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