A desperate woman from Bulawayo has so incensed with her husband’s womanizing ways that she spilled the beans to local publication B-Metro.

Irene Ndlovu revealed that her husband Paul Ndlovu loves teenage girls so much that he has stopped having sexual intercourse with her.

According to Irene the last time they had conjugal relations was in 2017, Narrating her pain, Irene said,

“We have been having sexual problems in our marriage, my husband hardly touches, or even look at me with sexual desires anymore, it’s been almost two years since we have had sex and I cannot take it anymore…I have tried to find solutions on how to spice up our marriage. I have read magazines and taken some remedies from friends but nothing works, I will never do what he does with his teenage girls because it disgusts me,” Cried Irene.

Paul, on the other hand, defended himself saying that his wife was not keeping herself well and had basically turned herself into a granny. Said Ndlovu,

“My wife has over the years turned herself into a granny, we are still in our thirties but it feels like I am dating a granny. I have found a solution, I guess she can do the same. They are of age and there is nothing wrong with sleeping with the younger girls,” said Ndlovu.

Irene is reported to have filed for divorce accusing Paul of marrying her for her family wealth.

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