John Cena hit maker Sho Madjozi has found herself with egg on her face and having to learn the phrase ‘stay in your lane’ the hard way.

This after the singer, real name Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif had her flight delayed by 8 hours from Durban to Port Elizabeth.

Fair enough, current weather patterns have seen flights getting delayed, Sho Madjozi then took her frustrations to Twitter and tweeted : “Been waiting at the airport in Durban for about 8 hours waiting to fly to PE, The flight is now schedule for 23h45. Hoping for the best”.

It seems like an innocent enough Tweet right? Well things went from bad to worse when tweeps innocently asked her why the delay the star responded and said that it was because of the mass looting of state under the former president Jacob Zuma.

“Business rescue on SAA, my friend. But if you wanna go deeper; it’s because of mass looting of state funds under [former president Jacob Zuma].”

This made some of her followers angry as they thought her response was misinformed especially with the current issues that SAA is experiencing.

It did not take time for Jacob Zuma loyalists to descend on Sho . Some were even labelling her a tribalist.

Below are some of the comments from disappointed fans.

Highly disappointed by this misinformed comment, most painful part is that it coming from my favorite. It is important for one to understand history of SAA before making such reckless comments. Capitalists want to privates SAA at all cost

My Queen, that statement is misleading to those who don’t understand SAA downfall including people like you.Keep giving us nice music & leave economic politics to those who understand better. You have never filled a bid form,those with contracts in the SAA know what was the cause.

At least she has learnt that politics can be a sensitive issue and can cause heated debates and discussions.

Source: iHarare

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