By Robert Kumwenda

The Malawi Local Government Association (MALGA) has organized a three day training for Council Chairpersons, Mayors and their Deputies to equip them with knowledge in leadership.

Charles Shunga Executive Director for MALGA said they saw it important to conduct the training since most of the people that have been elected in these positions are new comers hence the need to train them in their roles.

He said this because when we at the background most of the people that were holding these positions before, they did not perform according to their expectations.

“There are some weaknesses in some councils that need to be addressed, that is the reason why you hear people demanding the removal of their District Commissioners (DC’s) in some districts,” he said.

Shunga also said that there are misunderstandings between councilors and DC’s because they feel that they interfere in each other’s work something that will also be discussed under the topic conflict resolution saying that the aim is to bring sanity in councils.

He added that they will provide them with some courses in leadership and they will also be discussing with their donors.

“We have included their deputies because the Chairpersons only stay in their office for a period of one year and now they are remaining with six months so that when they take over they should have knowledge of leadership.

One of the participants at the training Allan Sam Mmadi Chairperson for Mangochi District Council said the training will help them in capacity building since most of them are new comers.

He said that is hoping to learn a lot of things in knowledge, skills and how to handle some issues relating to misunderstandings.

“This training will provide us unique knowledge on how to handle things as one entity,” he said.

The theme for the training is ‘Strengthening Council Leadership for Increased Accountability and improved Public Service Delivery’.

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