A Ugandan man has been discovered with ‘radioactive’ farts – farts which can kill mosquitoes!

48-year-old Joe Rwamirama and his friends claim that whenever he farts, mosquitoes die.

Apparently, no one from the village he grew up in has ever been diagnosed with malaria because of his magic flatulence.

A barber from the village Joe grew up in, James Yoweri, is reported to have said: “He is known all over the city as the man who can kill mosquitoes with his farts.

“When Joe is around we all know that mosquitoes will vanish. He is respectful of people around him and will only fart when there are mosquitoes around which bring malaria. His farts gets rid of this disease.” Yoweri said, according to the Sun.

Joe himself, who has reportedly been contacted by insecticide companies interested in harvesting his gas to create their products, described his ‘deadly’ gas.

“I eat ordinary food just like everyone else but no insect can lay a foot on me, not even a fly.

“I smell like a normal man and I bathe daily and my farts are just like everyone else, they are only dangerous to small insects and especially mosquitoes,”

Joe is looking to market his gas to these companies to make money.

“Imagine buying a Raid can with my face on it!” he added.

Considering malaria is one of the deadliest diseases on the continent, one can only hope ‘fartman’ can save us through his deal with these companies.

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