A Tanzanian who has been on the run for two years has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for tricking a Malawian.

The Second Grade Magistrate Court sitting in Mchinji has sentenced 34-year-old Tanzanian, Bashir Makado for stealing MK240, 000 by trick.

It was reported that in 2016, the Tanzanian trickster approached Alick Banda, 29, who hails from Mbwauka Village, T/A Mlonyeni in Mchinji at Mwami Border who pleaded for urgent cash amounting to K240, 000 to service his truck which he claimed was faulty.

Banda gave out the cash after the trickster had shown him a stationery truck to prove the claims.

State prosecutor Saddley Sambo said Banda was cheated to accompany the trickster to one of the banks at Mchinji Boma where he queued on the line in order to withdraw cash.

Tactfully, the Tanzanian sneaked out of the Bank and had been at large since 2016 until he reappeared on 11th November this year when he was arrested by police.

Magistrate Governor Chiipanthenga, sentenced the convict to 2 years imprisonment after he admitted to the charge of fraud which is contrary to section 319 subsection A of the penal code.

Credit: MIJ Online

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