A husband and his friends stripped his wife naked, beat her with a pipe and shaved her head after she refused to dance for them, it is claimed.

Wiping away tears, the woman, identifying herself as Asma Aziz, made the allegations in a video that has sparked outrage and prompted a police investigation.

Looking battered, bruised and traumatized with her head shaved, the young woman described how she had allegedly been violently disrobed, tortured and humiliated.

Ms Aziz, from Lahore, Pakistan, calls for justice and pleads for help in the video in which she claims her husband, Mian Faisal, and his friends attacked her for refusing to dance.

She says the police refused to help her unless she paid a bribe

In the video, Ms Aziz said she was stripped naked, then pinned down by a servant while her husband of four years shaved her hair off and set it on fire in the early hours of March 24.

She said she was beaten with a pipe before she managed to escape the house later.

The men allegedly threatened to strangle her as well, Geo TV reported.

Ms Aziz said she went to a police station for help, and claims officers wouldn’t register the case or arrange for medical treatment unless she gave them money.

In the video, Ms Aziz appeals for help from the public, saying she has no-one to look out for her.

Both of her parents are dead, she says.

The woman says: “They undressed and beat me with a pipe. The police demanded cash for medical examination. I had no cash to pay them. How and from where I can pay them?”

Ms Aziz claims her husband’s behaviour changed just months after they got married and he became abusive towards her, Gulf News reported.

She claims she married her husband after he “lured her into a trap”.

It wasn’t a forced marriage, she said.

The woman, who reportedly has three children from a previous marriage, said her husband often invited his friends over to their house to party.

Since the video emerged, police have arrested her husband, naming him as Mian Faisal, and a second suspect.

Pakistan’s government has ordered the head of police to submit a report explaining the case and how officers handled the woman’s complaint.

A police spokesperson told The Nation: “The police are thoroughly investigating this terrible incident and the victim is being provided all possible help.”

Punjab Police Inspector General Amjad Javed Saleemi has ordered his officers to protect the woman, the force said.

In a statement, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi said: “It is responsibility of the state to provide protection to daughters of the nation. They are not abandoned.

“The government would ensure their complete protection in the society.”




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