TAIWAN – A high ranking military official is among people who lost their lives when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed on Thursday in Taiwan.

The top military official has been identified as General Shen Yi-ming, and was reportedly on his way aboard the UH-60M helicopter to visit troops when it suddenly disappeared from the radar.

Reports on CNN indicate that at least 8 people perished as the combat helicopter came crashing down.

A total of 13 people were on board.

The news of the crash have been confirmed by Lt. Gen. Hsiung Hou-chi of Taiwan’s Air force.

He said the conditions the helicopter was flying in were not ideal. However, no confirmation has been given by the authorities on what caused the crash.

“The search and rescue operation continues… We are investigating whether (the cause) was environmental or mechanical… the aircraft’s condition is not ideal,” he told reporters as quoted by German broadcaster DW.

“We hope everyone can be safe and we should know the results this afternoon,” he added.

Taiwan is set to hold presidential elections in a week’s times.

President Tsai Ing-wen has cancelled all his campaign engagements, assuring the public that a swift rescue and recovery operation was underway.

Credit : Hivasa

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