A group of American tourists were attacked by three men outside a luxury hotel in Chile.

The trio had just arrived in Santiago, the capital of the South American country, and was about to check in at the Ritz-Carlton in the chic city of Las Condes when they were attacked on Sunday morning.

A hotel security camera made the man and a woman walk to the entrance while a driver pushed their luggage down the sidewalk.

Surveillance cameras record the moment three suspects fled the Ritz-Carlton hotel on a motorcycle after attacking a group of American tourists

Two men then aimed their weapons at the pair. One of the suspects is seen on the video and pushes the male victim away in an attempt to grab his backpack while his accomplice tried to grab a woman’s handbag.

A third member of the traveling party could run in and try to prevent the first suspect from stealing the man’s bag. He then rushed to the second attacker and pushed him away.

The robbers ran out of the hotel driveway and turned left onto a large avenue. Two of them got into a car and escaped.

Reports say the victims were identified by the suspects at Santiago International Airport and followed closely to the Ritz-Carlton.

The president of the Chilean Tourism Board Federation condemns the frightening attack.

The safety and integrity of tourists who visit Chile and who hope to have a peaceful stay have been compromised, “said Ricardo Margulis. “These are very traumatic events for victims, especially if they are approached so violently with firearms.”

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