A mother-of-three got revenge on her ‘cheating’ ex-husband by turning his record collection in to her new kitchen floor.

Sonia Barton, 47, wanted to overhaul her old kitchen after living in her home in Belper, Derbyshire for 13 years.

The children’s entertainer spent hundreds of hours over a whole year transforming her kitchen piece by piece as part of her forever home.

As part of the transformation, she opted to use some of the vinyl records left behind by her ex-husband – who she claims cheated – to redecorate her kitchen floor.

The collection includes records from Dire Straits, Jets Yazz, Hands Up, Showaddywaddy and Paper Lace.

She said: ‘Some of them are my ex-husband’s. It amuses me, it makes me laugh every time I walk in the kitchen and see them.

‘Each section is bordered by small tiles because I didn’t want to do it all in one go so I could still use my kitchen.’

Sonia estimates she spent £2,500 on the dream project and that the most expensive element was sourcing 5,000 miniature flower buttons that make up part of the floor.

The mother-of-three said: ‘I love DIY and I love colour so it just evolved.

‘I originally wanted to do records on the floor when I was married but my husband at the time didn’t like the idea so as soon as we split I decided to do it.

‘It’s been a labour of love for me. I started it over a year ago and spent evenings and weekends working on it.’

Sonia said she began the project in October 2018 after deciding to completely overhaul her kitchen and to install a new floor, worktops, doors, drawers, kick-board and architrave.

Sonia said: ‘I bought myself a table saw and made the drawers myself from floorboards.

‘I made all the doors and drawers. I love vibrant colours so decided to paint the doors.

‘I spent ages looking at tiles and couldn’t find any that I liked so I brought some plain white tiles. I then decoupaged them and then put resin on them.

‘The worktops were an ebay bargain which I was able to install with help from a friend.

‘For the floor, I bought the buttons and then added coins and records. I glued them on the floor and put a resin over them.

‘The buttons were the hardest part, they took hours and hours and hours and there are thousands of tiny flower buttons on the floor, all of them are different.’

Sonia decided to add in some vinyl records from her ex-husband’s collection and to make each section of the floor in small stages so she could continue to use her kitchen.

She added that her friends and family have all been amazed by the kitchen.

Sonia said: ‘Most of my friends have seen it as it’s been coming along.

‘Some people have seen photos of it and have said it’s a bit mad but they’ve said it works when they’ve come in and seen it. It’s bonkers and it reflects me.

‘It’s a hard-wearing kitchen so it should last forever.

‘I feel happy just being in it. Stepping inside brings a smile to my face no matter how I’m feeling.

‘It uplifts your soul.’


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