Chinese government has confirmed that they’ve successfully cured it’s first patient of the deadly Wuhan Corona-virus,Face of Malawi have learned.

The deadly Corona-virus has already claimed its 110th patient with over 90,000 currently infected.

The Chinese government has shut down all transport systems including trains and airports in other to curb the deadly virus.

Most cities including Wuhan have also been shut off from the outside world so that infected patients does not leave.

As China battles to complete a world record of setting up a 1000 bed hospital in 7 days, the corona virus has now been recorded in 16 countries with Ivory Coast in Africa been the latest country to get the Virus.

A student who arrived the country was showing symptoms of Coronavirus and was detained at the airport. He was found to have traveled through China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has announced to the world that they’ve successfully treated and discharged it’s first patient of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

The patient identified as a 56-year-old has been discharged from the hospital after showing tremendous improvement.

The woman Chen first started showing symptoms on January 10th and was hospitalized on January 12th.

After many days of testing and scans, strangely she started showing good response to a medicine used in treating HIV and AIDS.

The drug called Nelfinavir is a protease inhibitor drug which decreases toxins in already infected cells.

The drug also helps to reduce the production of virus from cells.

Although the exact cause of Wuhan corona virus has not yet been determined, it is believed to have originated from wild animals which include bats and snakes.

Bats and snakes are special meals eaten in some parts of China. Recently, some journalists and bloggers were criticized online for showing videos of them eating snakes amidst the current health challenges being faced by China.

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