In South Africa, two brothers were stoned to death after a traditional healer alleged that they played a role in disappearance of a local fisherman.

The siblings – Lukas, 47, and Marema Seloma, 45 – were frogmarched from their home at Letebejane village near Marble Hall in Limpopo on Monday before they were killed by angry community members.

Relatives said the pair were pointed out by community members after they enlisted witchdoctors to help find the missing fisherman.

The community accused pair of killing Peter Phahlamohlaka, 30, for rituals.

Phahlamohlaka’s mother Mashekgane Phahlamohlaka confirmed she consulted several witchdoctors with the community about her son’s disappearance.

She said that one witchdoctor pointed out at the brothers and told them they know what happened and asked them to deny it if his bones were lying.

“They didn’t respond but refused to say anything that can help me find my son, hence the enraged community took them and said they were going to force them to speak,” she said. “We consulted more than 10 witchdoctors and all said my son was murdered and his body parts harvested.

“Early this month the communities of Letebejane, Ditheneng and Tholong summoned every household to a meeting in which each household was asked to contribute R10 for consultation.”

“We went to several healers and all told us that those who were with my son know what happened to him.”

Phahlamohlaka went missing in June last year while fishing with the pair and other men at a local dam.

He has not been seen since.

Police spokesperson Brig Motlafela Mojapelo said after Phahlamohlaka disappeared, police were notified and a search operation by the Search and Rescue Team was conducted but without success.


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