As court verdict of the presidential elections case in the Constitutional Court is around the corner, government is assuring the general public that there is going to be peace and calm, law and order before, during and after the judgment.

The assurance has been made in a press statement issued and signed by Minister of Information Mark Botomani.

According to Botomani, the government is aware that the ruling will bring forth different reactions hence a need to boost security in the country.

“Government is aware that this ruling will attract different reactions. As such, State Security Organs are well prepared to keep the peace that the country has safeguarded and enjoyed for many years.” Reads part of the statement.

Botomani continues by urging all political parties in the country and other stakeholders “to respect the rule of law and the Judiciary, which is an independent arm of Government. Sobriety and patriotism are key ingredients to peace during this period,”

Government calls on the public to desist from posting fake news on social media which creates tension about the impending ruling. Malawi is a peaceful and God fearing country which does not condone violence.

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