A Nigerian Citizen who is also a public servant, prayed a Customary Court on Monday in Nyanya, Abuja for the dissolution of his marriage on grounds that he has not had a single day of peace in seven years.

The petitioner, Mr Ekene Odinaka,who resides in Jikwoyi, made the allegation while testifying against his wife,Chioma, in a divorce petition he filed against her.

“I am exhausted in this marriage. Since I married my wife, I have not known peace.

”She is always fighting me. The worst of it all is that she pours water on me to disturb my sleep.

”She goes around castigating me. She tells everyone who casre to listen to her that I am a bad man.

”This has greatly tarnished my image,” he alleged.

He told the court that he would give N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of their baby and also get his wife a job so that she will have enough money to carter for their baby.

Reports indicate that when the respondent was not present in court and did not send any message stating reasons for her absence.

The presiding judge, Shittu Mohammed, in his ruling said;” the respondent is not in court and has not sent any message as to why she will not be in court.

“In view of the circumstances and in the interest of Justice, hearing notice will be pasted at the respondent’s residence.

“The case is adjourned until February 10 for hearing.

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