Malawi Electoral Commissioner (MEC) Bishop Mary Nkosi has finished answering questions from the Public Appointments Committee (PAC).

Bishop Nkosi was the first to appear before the committee of parliament where the committee wants to enquire the competency of the commissioners.

During the meeting, Nkosi admitted that some of the decisions that were made by MEC were flawed.

She explained that after receiving numerous complaints they should have sought a court order to grant them a time extension for tabulating the results of the May 21 elections.

Nkosi also revealed that Commissioners only signed the final result sheet that declared Peter Mutharika on the morning of his swearing in ceremony.

She is of the view that none of the Commissioners remembered that there was such a form that needed to be signed before announcement of the final results.

Other Commissioners expected to appear before the Committee are Jean Mathanga, Elvey Mtafu, Rev. Dr. Killion Mgawi, Ambassador Yahaya M’madi, Justice Dr. Jane Ansah, Ms. Linda Kunje, Dr. Moffat Banda and Rev. Clifford Baloyi.

The Commissioners are being called one after the other.

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