Former legislator Frank Mwenifumbo who was also a running mate for United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi has distanced himself from the DPP-UDF alliance.

Mwenifumbo who thanked Muluzi for considering him in the nullified May 21, 2019 presidential elections to run the race together, has since thanked the two parties on their alliance.

“First let me thank Honourable Muluzi for appointing me as his running mate and wish him with his party all the best in their alliance with DPP,” Mwenifumbo said.

However, he stressed that he will not follow the path that the UDF leader has taken to partner with DPP saying that is not what his people want.

“However, I will not follow them this time, this is because my constituents have denied this. I therefore have to follow what my people want me to do,” he explained.

According to Mwenifumbo to he had to engage other people for wisdom and guidance before making such big and crucial decision.

“I consulted interests groups, opinion leaders in the north such as the Church and Society, they all advised me to stay away. But my family and I shall always be grateful to Muluzi and entire UDF,” he said.

On Tuesday Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey announced that their party has gone into the possible alliance with UDF ahead of the fresh elections on May 19, 2020 as ordered by the Constitutional Court.


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