Excitement filled Central Business District of Blantyre when Adventist Youth (AY) from Sunnyside Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) lately distributed packs containing apples, bananas, grapes, oranges and bottled water to 200 people.

Sunnyside AY leader, Marriette Mumba said the distribution was part of the Global Youth Day activity that is set by the General Conference Youth Department every year in March.

“Youngsters around the globe should remember that they have a lot of work to do as they wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They are called to have a Christ-like character and be a blessing to everyone. This year’s theme is ‘I Care for Refugees, Homeless and Strangers.’ Our area of focus as Sunnyside AY is caring for strangers.

“It is fascinating to see the passion for community outreach that the youth have for mankind. Today, the little ones have introduced Jesus Christ to strangers, people they meet in town for the first time through acts of kindness. This is a clear message that God loves everyone,” Mumba said.

Peterson Nkhoma appreciated the youth for the distribution.

“It is rare for a person to get food items without work. I did not expect to receive a beautiful pack from AY today. They have acted as good samaritans,” he said.





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