Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology, Mark Bottoman, has called upon journalists in the country to ensure that they are always delivering correct information when reporting on issues of corona virus.

He has asked journalist to collect information from the responsible officials when reporting on issues of corona virus in order to runaway from misinformation and spreading of fake news, rumors and fear.

“One important tool in preventing the spread of the virus is awareness of the preventive measures and the media has an important role in achieving that. We commend media houses that are already taking an initiative to inform the masses, and we urge the rest to follow suit,” Bottoman said.

The Minister said correct information, media houses should strive to get correct information from institutions such as Ministry of Health, the Cabinet Committee on Corona Virus as well as clinicians and other health cadres.

Bottoman congratulated Capital Radio as one of the media houses that is playing a key role in raising awareness on the preventive measures of the virus.

The radio station has offered 60 free slots for corona virus adverts produced by the Ministry of Health and Population.

On Wednesday this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared corona virus, as a pandemic. However, Malawi has yet to register a case of the virus

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