Chancellor College (CHANCO) Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, Adamson Muula and Microbiologist in the Department of Biology Sciences, Dr. Placid Mpeketula on Tuesday evening hosted a public lecture which was aimed to brief the public, on the country’s status on Corona virus.

Among areas of concerns, the public wanted to know how prepared the country is, how is Malawi handling people entering the country by air and roads and through unauthorized routes, how safe is an unborn child born from a mother with Corona virus.

A panel consisting of Professor Muula, Dr. Mpeketula, Associate Professor Dylo Pemba, Dr. Peter Kip and Lucious Kalonga of Chancellor College Clinic responded to questions from the audience in the Great Hall.

Professor Muula told the general public to stick to recommendations from health care providers, to follow preventive measures such as hand washing (with soap) and avoiding handshakes to avoid transmitting the virus.

“Let’s take precautionary measures to stop the spread of the Corona virus in the advent that it is detected in country,” he said.

Dean of Science at Chancellor College Associate Professor, Chomora Mikeka added that college’s Faculty of Science and College of Medicine and Community Health Surveillance Unit in Lilongwe are set to test samples to detect the virus.

The panelists assured the audience about Malawi’s collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) and other partners to contain the virus and equip major health facilities to do the tests on clients.

Corona virus was first detected in China’s Wuhan City where it claimed many lives before spreading globally as far as Africa

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