Doctors in Malawi have stressed that the country has not reached an extent to restrict public gatherings as a precaution in preventing corona virus.

Malawi has not registered any single incident of Corona Virus but yet people are panicking to be together on one place.

President of the Medical Doctors Society of Malawi, Dr. Amos Nyaka, and Chief of Health Services in the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Charles Mwansambo, said preventive measures currently in place are enough for now.

Dr Nyaka told Malawians that its too early to ban the gatherings.

“I think at this stage, it is premature to start restricting such gatherings now,” he said.

He added that when the country or its neighboring country has the COVID-19 case then they shall ban the gatherings.

“The moment that we have local transmission of the virus in the countries that share crucial borders with us, I think that will be a necessary stage to restrict public gatherings,” he said.
In his remarks, Dr. Mwansambo said that now people should follow the preventive measures that are on the ground.

“For now, I think the interventions are working because we have close to 120 people that we are following up. We are hoping that the interventions we have put in place are sufficing now. We need to also get ready to that time when we have our first case,” he said.

Countries are being encouraged to ban gatherings to contain the spread of the Corona virus.

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