Members of the Lilongwe Asian Business Community,on hearing of the Covid 19 pandemic and as part of their efforts on disaster management  have embarked on a drive to distribute dispenser tap buckets and sanitizers.

To date we have managed to raised 300 plus units from citizens of good will.

The team delivered the relief materials to the mayor

We have a team of volunteers who are distributing the relief materials to high demand pedestrian traffic in the communities.

We are encouraging people to wash their hands regularly with soap,and.Not to touch mouth, eyes or nose,and take precautions of gloves and face masks when in public places.

Always be cautious and take safe measures as much as you can.

I Yusuf Abubaker on behalf of Lilongwe Asian Business Community would like to thank her worship Mayor Juliana Kaduya and Mr William Nguluwe for taking out time and accepting this kind gesture from the Lilongwe Asian Business Community and we wish to continuously work hand in hand as much as we can for the betterment of our country.

For more information and enquiries,contact the Chairman Mr Bheda Manzur on +265 999 82 62 66

God Bless Malawi,
Thank You.

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