The outgoing Chairperson of  Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Timothy Mtambo has accused the government of Malawi for failing to deal with some critical matters including Nsundwe rape saga and Isaa Njaunju death.

Mtambo who held a Press Briefing in Lilongwe said that this indicates lack of interest from the current regime.

In October last year, 17 women from Msundwe, Mpingu and M’bwatalika areas were allegedly molested by suspected police officers but the police are yet to conclude their inquiry.

On 2 July 2015, former ACB Director, Issa Njaunju went missing. His body was found two days later behind Presidential Villas park in Lilongwe.

Police started investigations for his death but nothing has been reported since then.

Further, Mtambo attributed soaring poverty levels amongst the citizenry to lack of leadership by the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

He urged government to be serious and ensure that all problems affecting Malawians are addressed.

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