Two men have been arrested in Chitipa district when their excessive buying of beer at a drinking joint attracted suspicions from friends who reported them to police for investigations which revealed theauthenticity of currency they were using.

Gladwell Simwaka, PRO for Chitipa Police Station confirmed that Police are keeping in custody Hydon Mtambo 38, and Tyson Sikwese 19, for allegedly being found in possession of fake Malawian currency.

“File compiled at Chitipa Police Station indicates that, on April 4, 2020 at around 21:00 hours, the two were found splashing money at Vilishala beer drinking joint within Chitipa Trading Centre.

The Police were tipped off of the behavior of the two suspects and made a follow up which led to their arrest when the two were found in possession of K2, 000 notes amounting to 82,000 Malawi kwacha which had similar serial numbers as; AD0348543 (24notes), AD0348554 (11 notes) and AD0348558(6 notes).” Explained Simwaka

He has since said investigations are in progress to trace the source of such fake money and that the two will appear in court soon to answer charge of found in possession of fake currency.

Hydon Mtambo comes from Mwenefuvya village while Tyson Sikwese comes from Siyombwe village, both from Traditional Authority Mwaulambia in Chitipa.


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