Northern Region Police has described the blood sucking rumour as mere fear of the unknown (hysteria) as the country continues to experience an increase in number of people being attacked and some killed for allegedly being blood suckers.

So far, five people suspected to have been blood suckers have been brutally killed through mob justice in the northern region alone.

Northern Region Police Public Relations Officer, Peter Kalaya said it was sad that a lot of innocent lives as well as property is being lost just because some people accuse others of being blood suckers.

“I can disclose that all our Police establishments in the northern region have received these blood suckers rumours, but our investigations have revealed that these are just hearsays.

“We have never established any truth from these rumours, as Police whenever someone comes to complain to us that he or she has being sucked blood, we are supposed take them to the hospital to ascertain the complaint. I can disclose that no one has been medically proven to have had his or her blood sucked,” he said.

Kalaya said the region only received two official complaints with regard to these rumours, but after the two were taken to hospital, they were declared fit and that no blood was sucked from them.

“It is sad that the northern region alone has so far registered five people who have been killed on mere suspicions or for being a new face in an area.

“As police, we have tried to engage communities on these issues and whenever we asked them to trace the where-about of these alleged blood suckers, no one has ever come forthwith to give evidence,” the PRO said.

Kalaya expressed dismay over some thugs who are taking advantage of these blood suckers’ rumour by terrorizing residential and other areas at night disguising as neighhood-watch members.

“We are again investigating some incidences that have been happening with some thugs taking advantage of these rumours by committing numerous crimes in the name of dealing with the alleged blood suckers.

“We have arrested over 60 people accused to have been involved in committing different crimes through these blood suckers rumors,” he said.

In a related development, Church and Society of the Livingstonia CCAP Synod has urged Police in the country to deploy more officers in all areas across the region where these blood suckers’ allegations are taking place to ensure people do not live in fear.

Lately, some people in districts such as Ntchisi, Mzimba, Rumphi, Chitipa, Karonga and Kasungu have suffered due to this malpractice.

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