Men at Kapolo in Karonga  are in hiding after hearing that Malawi police service launched a manhunt on people who took part in killing a suspected blood sucker.

According to the wives of the men, their husbands are not around and have fled to unknown hiding places.

“They are escaping police officers who come searching for every man,” said one of the women.

“Once they find any man,” added the woman. “They [Police] beat them before taking them to their custody.”

One of the men who is in hiding, confirmed through a telephone interview that he will only go back home after the Police operation is over.

There was no immediate response from police on the issue.

There has been cases of mob justice imposed on people suspected to be pumping blood from people in Karonga and other parts of the country.

People have died including two Mozambicans who were killed last week, suspected  of being blood suckers.

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