The government through the Ministry of Health has ordered District Commissioners to place all travelers from outside the country under quarantine for 14 days as a measure to contain the disease.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday signed by health ministry Principal Secretary Dr. Dan Namalika, all travelers placed under quarantine should be followed physically or by phone.

The statement further said this should be handled jointly with law enforcers and if any of them develops signs or symptoms of covid-19 within the 14 days period, a sample must be collected for further testing.

Commenting on the matter, Physicians Assistant Union president Solomaon Jumah, has asked the government to support the quarantine centres with the necessary requirements.

“What is needed is that the quarantine centres must be allocated doctors or health workers. The health workers must be well supported economically and psychologically. They must have food and all necessary the necessary requirements,” said Jumah.

Meanwhile, Malawi has recorded 10 news cases in the past 24 hours, which means Malawi has now recorded in total 33 cases with 3 deaths and 3 recoveries.



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