Having allegedly missed when he tried to shoot a co-worker during an argument, a man then turned his anger on a mother and her daughter.

He first drove to the daughter’s work, where he fired several shots at her. She had to be rushed to hospital.

Her then drove to where her mother was and allegedly shot her dead.

A manhunt was launched after residents called the police. A chase ensued when police spotted the suspect.

He ended up crashing into a wall after having turned the gun on himself. He was declared dead at the scene.

This happened on Friday in Mpumalanga, South Africa starting at a mine in Ogies, near Witbank, and ending in Vosman township.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, of the Mpumalanga police, said according to reports, two men, aged 35 and 41, had a heated argument at a mine at Phola in Ogies.

While it has not yet been established what they were arguing about, the 41-year-old man allegedly drew his gun during the spat.

“Their heated argument continued, whereby the 41-year-old drew a firearm and tried to shoot the other man but failed.

“The 41-year-old man then moved to where the woman was working and fired several shots, injuring her. The victim was rushed to hospital for medical assistance.

“He then drove to Hlalanikahle at Vosman, where he fatally shot the victim’s mother. Paramedics certified her dead at the scene,” Hlathi said.

“A preliminary investigation has since revealed that the firearm used during the incidents was illegal as its serial number was filed off.”

It’s not yet known how the man was related to the women.

On March 30, a woman, who had applied for a protection order, which had been served on the suspect, was found dead.

She was found dead on the day she and her alleged murderer, Themba Ntuli, were supposed to appear in court for alleged domestic abuse.

He appeared at the Kwamhlanga Magistrate’s Court last week and was expected to apply for bail next week Tuesday.

Provincial police commissioner General Zuma pleaded with residents to refrain from using violence to resolve domestic issues.

Zuma has also indicated that people should use the lockdown period to fix their differences amicably and start a new life, rather than using it to perpetuate domestic violence against women and children.

“They should avoid violence but rather try to make use of available structures such as social workers, traditional leaders and many more to intervene, as well as to resolve their matters amicably.”

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