Information reaching Faceofmalawi indicates that thugs attacked personal aide of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Norman Chisale in Chimwankhunda on Wednesday night.

It is said that Chisale was attacked while on his way from Sanjika Palace to Chimwankhunda where he stays.

According to sources, soon after leaving Blantyre he saw a car coming behind him and he thought it was just any other car. The car kept following him and he was just monitoring it.

“As he was getting close to Living Waters Church (Chimwankhunda) he saw three people and shockingly one was pushed into the road. He stopped and they immediately rushed to open the doors of his vehicle it was a serious attack on his life, he wrestled with them, they were overpowered, mission was aborted and the two managed to runaway and he got hold of one of them. The car which was following him left after sensing that they were in trouble.

“He took him into his car, he left and precisely at Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church he saw the other guy walking and he stopped. He got hold of him too and in no time another person came and asked I have heard you have arrested my brother. Chisale realized that the person who was asking was one of the guys and upon noticing that he realised him he tried to runaway from him,” said the source.

The three suspects identified as Montfort Moyo 21 years of Chilobwe Blantyre, Ona Malamula 16 years Changata village TA Chimaliro Thyolo and Felix Moses 52 years of Bekala village Mgabu Chikwawa are currently in police custody.

Recently some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets were baying for Chisale blood, accusing him of being selfish.
More details to follow..

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