By Robert Kumwenda

As some months have gone since government imposed a ban on all sporting activities due to the threat of COVID 19 pandemic captain for Mpingwe Sports Club Orange Saeed Lindawala says everything in the hands of the government as regards to when all sporting activities will resume again.

On the 23 March, 2020 State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika ordered the closure of all schools and large gatherings of people as measure of combating the spread of the Coronavirus.

“As of now we are not doing anything as others are doing on their own because we know that we will have enough time to practice and prepare once the ban is lifted,” he said

Lindawala said since it was the government decision to ban all sporting activities, he said there is nothing which they could do and they support it as it is aiming at saving lives and the spread of the virus on the other hand.

He said we must all come together and follow the measures that government has put in place as we are waiting for the way forward.

On the same development captain for MSC Blue Patel Yasin said that they are hoping to resume the two month’s tournament which was suspended in one or two months’ time from now if things normalizes on the ground.

Lindawala is one of the cerebrated cricket players in as far as the game of cricket is concerned in Malawi.

Meanwhile, sports lovers have given government and the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) a 30 days automatum to lift the ban on all sporting activities saying that failure which they will take appropriate action

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