Cheating in marriages are unfair.

A married woman has been caught cheating her husband with a young guy who is her boyfriend friend.

The man knew about all these when he started seeing some changes in his wife’s behavior.

According to the man he went for a concoction ‘man’ which is used for catching or unveiling women who chest in marriage.

The married woman went to a hotel with her boyfriend and started to make love, in the process of making love they got stucked into each other.

The lady couldn’t endure the pain so she shout for help and the people at the hotel came to their aid.

Since it was not a physical matter they pushed both the married woman and her boyfriend outside the hotel.

A lot of people gathered there to watch what was going on, the lady covered her face with her clothes because she was embarrassed.

The pictures and videos of the woman went viral and her husband saw it.

The husband told her wife that he did that to her and also divorce the woman instantly.

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