A 55-year-old man was allegedly beaten to death by locals in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh after he abused a group of children for throwing stones at his buffalo. The police arrested 11 people in relation to the incident. The incident took place at Chandauli village in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.

The deceased was identified as Jai Prakash Kushwaha. The arrested persons were identified as Arshad, Ishtiaq Ansari, Mukhtar, Sitabuddin, Mushtaq, Sabir, Parvej, Hayaz and Islam.

On Saturday evening, a group of children were allegedly throwing stones at a jamun tree for the fruit. The stones, however, hit Prakash’s buffalo that was tied to the tree. Initially, Prakash asked the children to stop but in vain.

When the children did not stop, Prakash allegedly started abusing them. Meanwhile, Ishtiaq Ansari arrived on the spot and raised an objection. Prakash allegedly had an argument with Ansari, following which, he was attacked.

Prakash and his relatives were allegedly thrashed with sticks and in defence, they pelted stones at the accused. Prakash suffered injuries during the incident and fell on the ground. The police said that the accused had fled the scene when they reached the spot, The Indian Express reported.

Prakash, his son Manish and brother Om Prakash were rushed to the hospital after they suffered serious injuries. Prakash breathed his last while treatment was being administered to him. Prakash died due to excessive bleeding. Om Prakash and Manish are undergoing treatment.

A total of 21 persons have been accused for their alleged involvement in the case. The arrested persons have been booked by the police and will be produced before a court.


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