Sacramento police reportedly responded to a call involving two women who were fighting at a 7-Eleven store on June 22.

Upon arrival, they found one of the women beaten up and treated by medics for her injuries, but the other female had left.

Reportedly, the injured woman took responsibility for her part in the fight and said she did not want to file a complaint. However, she got in touch with the police the following day with a changed mind.

According to the Sheriff’s Office so far no arrest has been made, despite the black woman’s husband claiming she was arrested on the charge of assault.

People on social media refer to the white woman involved as a “Karen”.

The reason she was attacked was that she called the black woman the n-word as the video shows.

The fight took place at a store, where the white woman started arguing with the black woman and eventually used a racial slur against her.

The initial reason for the argument remains unclear, but the white woman claims she only said: “excuse me”. However, the black womаn heard something else, so the situation quickly got heated, and eventually, the “Karen” used a racial slur.

The black woman then threatened to beat up the white woman if she called her the n-word again, and shortly after “Karen” did it again. That is when the black woman started brutally hitting the white woman until she was on the ground.


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