Cardi B has shared her most intimate social media post yet after filming herself getting her vagina bleached.

With many beauty salons still closed due to lockdown restrictions in the US, Cardi, 27, thought she would bring the pampering right to her own doorstep with a little at-home treatment on Monday (6 July).

In a series of Instagram stories, the I Like It rapper filmed herself with her legs on a bed while explaining the intimate non-surgical procedure she was having done.

“I am bleaching my cootie cat,” the rapper informed her 90 million Instagram followers.

She continued: “I’m in my crib getting my vagina bleached, my underarm bleached because, you know, sometimes we just quick shave and everything but it just gets your vagina a little bit dark.”

However she promptly provided a disclaimer, adding: “I don’t believe in body bleach, I just believe in underarm, your vagina – maybe your a**hole. I like my brown a**hole [though].

“Totally I’m getting my vagina bleached.”

That wasn’t all the pampering Cardi had done as she later filmed herself getting her moustache waxed while a stylist braided her hair.  It was then time to sort her moustache.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker has refused to allow lockdown to get in the way of her self-care routine as in April, Cardi shared footage of herself getting a bikini wax done in the comfort of her own home – while screaming out in agony, of course.

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