United Transformation Movement (UTM) Campaign Director Lucius Chicco Banda has ruled out witch hunting in the arrest of some top official of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) by law enforcers.

On the weekend, law enforcers arrested DPP members James Chuma, Gerald Viola and Jomo Osman over different offences.

DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi described the arrest of its members as political in nature aimed at finish off the party.

Writing on his official facebook page, Banda said the claims are not true.

Below is Banda’s statement;

My fellow Malawians,

As we are all looking forward to building a better and brighter Malawi for TONSE, our current government is working to create a corrupt free Malawi where all citizens are offered the same equality.

Over the past few days, we have seen many arrests being carried out by our law enforcement agencies in various districts of the country. We have further seen the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

As some Malawians are labeling such arrests as politically motivated as well as witch hunting, I write in hopes of sharing my views of such said arrests.

In Malawi when a crime has been committed, the law shall do its work on the said committed offense and individual. We have seen many times in our country where fellow Malawians are spending 14 years with hard labor for the theft of items such as cellphones, chicken just to name a few while those who have stolen millions are simply slapped on the wrist and offered a deal or pardon.

As a fellow Malawian, who served my time for my offenses, I applaud the current government for not accepting bribing and corruption to those who have committed a crime but to allow the law to work.

Let us sit and wait for the law to do its work towards the many complaints from Malawians. The complaints that have revealed a lot but it is in us not to pass pre-judgment but allow the law to take its course as it has always in the past for many other small crimes.

As a UTM and Tonse Alliance member, I pray the leadership has focus on the truth and justice as the new order of the day.

May God continue to bless Malawi and its citizens as we continue to rebuild Malawi for a better tomorrow for all.

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