Peoples Land Organization (PLO) leader Vincent Wandale has once again resurfaced, this time with claims that that he is ‘Jesus’.

Wandale made the claims through his official facebbook page, saying he saw a vision while at Zomba Mental Hospital in which he heard voice of ‘God’ calling him Messiah (the promised one).

“One episode I did not disclose to the public is that when I was detained at zomba mental hospital I had a dream where I was hunged on the cross and people surrounded the cross like the Jesus episode. Then an order suddenly came from above that I should be put down from the cross and I was and the first person to hug me was my mother who said “achimwene tiyeni tidzipita kunyumba” The rest of the people disappeared.

“At the same hospital I had a dream where God the Almighty appeared to me in my dream in a voice and said “you are the promised Messiah and that my tribulations I was going through I am paying for the sins of mankind” Queen Tia Tephi organised for me a huge party in celebration to the news where my children were part of the dance party. I related this dream to Makwera my male nurse who said “those dreams are common here among mental patients and that comfirms that you are mad,” wrote Wandale.

He added: “I told him that I debated within myself whether to relate the dream to him because I suspected that he would say that but I decided to tell him anyway so that he should be witness to my testimony once I get released. Not only did God tell me I’m the Messiah but also pastor Simwawa of machinjiri who even laughed at seeing me saying I never expected that I would see such a person as me being the Messiah as God had revealed to her in a vision.

“ She even told me that God told her that I don’t believe in Jesus even so. Another prisoner while at maula prison came to me to relate that a messenger of God showed him a verse in eclesiastes where he was told that the verse referred to me who would rise up to help the poor where I would come out of prison to be king while all my family line there had been no kingship to inherit from. I had a dream where I was a guest of Queen ester of the Bible where she organised a party for me and I was shown the hanging post prepared for Mordecai by Haman which he instead was hanged upon himself.”

Wandale made headlines during the reign of former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika after declaring Mulanje and Thyolo a standalone State.

He ended up being sent to Zomba Mental Hospital.

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