Mchinji South Constituency Member of Parliament (MP), Agness Nkusa Nkhoma who has been appointed as Deputy Minister of Agriculture in President Chakwera’s first ever cabinet has described her appointment as an advantage to serve her constituents.

She said the ministerial portfolio does not only give her an opportunity to serve the country but also to share the crucial knowledge in the field of agriculture with people in her area.

“This is both a challenge and an opportunity to me and to my constituents. It’s a challenge because I now have a larger constituency – the whole country.

“Apart from serving the interests of only the people of Traditional Authority (TA) Mavwere, I will now be looking at the whole country,” she said.
“So the people at home will greatly benefit from one of their own as she’s part of the decision making process,” she said.

She said the post means that the constituents have a direct channel of their needs in the cabinet and as such they will gain more.

She, however, said that she will no longer be as available as she had been to them in the past year.

Nkusa Nkhoma further said she is looking forward to making a vibrant team with her boss Lobin Lowe, a seasoned agriculturalist saying she is committed to revamping the country’s agricultural sector.

“Gladly, I have a seasoned Agriculturist, Hon Lobin Lowe as my line Minister and the enterprising duo of Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima. This is a team that’s determined to overturn the dwindling agricultural situation in the country.

“We are emphasizing on both crop and animal husbandry. Because more often we tend to relax on the latter,” she explained.

Commenting on the same, Area Development Committee Chairperson for Mavwere said appointment of Nkusa Nkhoma into cabinet will give them an opportunity of access of information easier than before.

He described Nkusa Nkhoma as hardworking and as such believes that the nation will benefit from her diligence just as her constituency.

“As residents of Mavwere, we are happy that for the first time we have our member of parliament serving the president in the cabinet, we are really glad.

“Honorable Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma is a diligent lady, we know she will deliver and share her wisdom with the nation at large as she has been with her constituency,” he said.

Nkusa Nkhoma is a first time parliamentarian and the first ever to be given a ministerial portfolio from Mchinji South Constituency.


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