By Robert Kumwenda and Orchestra Kamanga

The Asian Business Community (ABC) has intensified spreading massages about Covid-19 in all Asian business places to contain the spread of the pandemic

Chairman of ABC Macbul Latif said they have instructed all Asian business people in shops, industries and owners of restaurants to mask everyone mandatory as a measure of fighting the spread of the disease.

“We have ask them to follow all measures set by government through the ministry of health like observing social distance, hand washing and temperature check for everyone,” he said.

The ABC Chair said owners of take away are being encouraged to make take away food and all customers coming to buy their food are being asked to wear a mask.

Latif said a lot has been done in as far as fighting the pandemic is concerned through District Health Offices (DHO’s) across the country.

He added that there are a lot measures that are being enforced within the community saying that it is his wish that virus should be defeated so that everything should come back to normal as usual.

“We have received a free container and everything has already being set, we just have to buy beds but the rest is all set up,” he said.

In a related development government has received 35,000 testing kits that will be distributed all over the country to fight the pandemic.

Meanwhile the country and the World at large continue to register new Covid-19 infections.



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