A San Francisco court has ruled that a landlord, Anne Kilhagi, has to give her $4 million building to a former tenant.

It was reported that the judgment was based on the fact that Anne asked the tenant to leave so that her sister could move in.

The law in San Francisco doesn’t give a landlord the power to recover possession of a rented apartment for the owner or their relatives to occupy.

It should be noted that in 2014, Kihagi bought the building for $2.5 million with money she managed for her younger sister.


Now a landlord, she could not use the same building to assist her family, which was the reason she asked the tenant to vacate the unit, according to How Africa.

After the tenant’s eviction, her sister moved in in 2016. Following that, Kihagi did a makeover of the apartment and increased the value to $4 million.


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