By Robert Kumwenda

Macbul Latif Executive Member of the Asian Business Community Task force of Covid-19 has said that it is up to the public to follow the rules set by government on Covid-19 for their own health.

He said that they were very happy because to see that government was ready to listen to other stakeholders which tells them and shows them that government is ready to work with people because they are not putting rules and enforcing them to the people.

“The measures set by government are good measures because are giving people freedom to move freely so long as they follow them like wearing a mask and observing social distance in churches and mosques,” he said.

The ABC Executive Member Taskforce on Covid-19 said the onus is on the people to follow the measures saying that they do not need a policy to come on their head for them to follow.

Latif who is also the former Presidency Task Force member on Covid -19 said people should not try to make money on Covid-19 but rather be part of the fight by providing protective measures at low margins.

He requested government and ABC to make some sort of charity thing to provide mask to those who cannot manage to buy them.

“Our industry is starving with law materials because the locally products that we make we use materials from outside Malawi. If everybody is giving something it can really work. Am urging those that are manufacturing masks locally to ensure that are sold at the lowest prices to the public,” he said.

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