Nigeria musician Peter Okoye of debut P-Square has disclosed a secret about himself when he met his current wife Lola Omotayo before they got married.

The married couples tied the knot on the 17th of November, 2013 after they dated for 8 years.

Peter Okoye is a songwriter, producer, dancer, and director. He is loved by most people for his songs.

He recently opened up on how he was out for gains when he met his wife Lolo. He described himself as a gold digger.

Peter disclosed in an Instagram live saying he had no money when he met his wife Lola and was a gold digger.

He took to his platform to advise other men to be smart when it comes to choosing a partner.

Peter said, “I met my wife eighteen years ago, I was a gold digger. When I met her, I had nothing.

Men make una wise up, every woman nor be hoe, every woman nor be slay queen. Pick one, make am the way you want am to be.”

“My wife was never perfect, don’t get me wrong, do you know what I did? Na how I want her she be and she made me the way she wanted” he added.

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