Malawi has warned that it is going to deal with all under performing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who are failing to transform people’s lives.

Gender, Social Welfare and Community Development Minister Patricia Kaliati fired the warning shot when she toured some of the works that Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) is implementing in Machinga.

Kaliati said soon her Ministry will start calling for expenditure reports from all CSOs to account for their operations.

“We are all aware that this country has alot of NGOs who get funding from donors but their actual works can’t be seen anywhere in the country. So am warning them to stop fooling Malawians. Moving forward am requesting them to provide the Ministry with expenditure records so that we know how much they are spending for a particular project,” she said.

Kaliati added: “We hope that this will enhance transparency and accountability.”

The Minister then hailed DAPP for implementing “life changing skills to girls who dropped out of school for various reasons.”

Kaliati then described the gesture by DAPP as a very good example of organisations whose aim is to uplift people’s well-being.

“We want some of the organizations out therr to emulate from what DAPP Malawi is implementing in the country. We want more actions on our girls who dropped out of school to be given second chance to improve their lives by among others learning skills that will transform their lives.”

Acting Country Director for DAPP Augustus Kaliati said his organisation will strive to impart skills to young people especially girls so that they become independent.

“We are teaching girls different skills such as tailoring, plumbing among others so that they become self reliant,” he said.
DAPP opened its doors in Malawi in 1995 and since then it has been implementing projects in areas of food security agriculture and education.

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