Thandi Nhleko (22) from Durban shot dead her Nigerian boyfriend after the two had angered in a fight of words.

Thandi was angered up to the point that she shot dead her boyfriend.

The gun used is believed to be of her Nigerian man.

Police had discovered that the gun was unlicensed and it is suspected that it had been used for crime.

Thandi and her Nigerian man are well known as online scammers in Durban.

One of their neighbor suspected that the two were fighting over the profit of their criminal activities.

She said the two use to fight over money whenever they had successfully scammed someone on facebook.

The Nigerian man had been behind a fake account with an unknown woman pictures.

He was pretending to be one of the top brass car sales women in Durban.

Man were pranked by fake pictures of someone else.

When ever they call for enquire his South African wife was helping him out to answer the calls to lure the people to trust them.

Mostly man were influenced to deposit cash.

After depositing cash the Nigerian man was keeping a bigger cut for himself compared to his girlfriend’s cut, that led to a fight which took away the life of a deceased.

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