The boyfriend of a mum accused of killing her two-year-old son has now been charged with his murder, child cruelty and aggravated battery.

Little Connor Pittman had a broken jaw, missing teeth, bruises and cuts on his face and cigarette burns when he was brought to a hospital in Georgia in October last year.

The toddler also had a bleed to the brain when he died in hospital.

His mum Trinity Grace Pittman, was charged with his murder, Crime Online reported.

She originally claimed her son sustained his injuries after falling from a trampoline.

But investigators now believe, her 25-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Davis, was also responsible for the boy’s death and have charged him with murder, child cruelty and aggravated battery.

Police believe Davis, who lived with the family, allegedly beat Connor while he was taking care of him when Pittman was at work.

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